Hello, Squarespace!

This is the page I provided when joining Squarespace Circle, because my portfolio is very much a construction zone. I’m a longtime user, though lately dormant due to a pretty intense in-house SEO career. I’ve done a few client sites but handed them off to their owners and all you see in my ownership account at the moment are family sites.

But now my intense SEO job has been reorg’d away!

My Squarespace Plans

  • Taking several family and personal sites (like this portfolio) out of mothballs

  • Creating an entire site dedicated to Squarespace SEO!

    As a longtime user who’s also practiced enterprise SEO (where there are, um, supposedly no platform constraints), I’m in an ideal position to help people get as much technical SEO as possible out of their Squarespace sites, as well as being realistic about what you can and cannot control — or what you CAN control with a developer account, and whether it’s worth that effort absent other reasons to go DEV.

    Eventually I will offer client services in SEO for Squarespace.